SANDOWS 2014-2020

Thank you for everything

24 March 2020

It’s with regret that we share today that Sandows will no longer be trading as of the 2nd April 2020. 

We’d like to extend our biggest thanks to everyone who has followed our journey, bought or even just admired our drinks and our brand, and in particular to those who have invested their money, effort or time into supporting us along the way. Whilst we’re saddened to see our journey come to an end, we’re very proud to stand behind our efforts and our achievements as a team and remember them fondly.

Little did we know back in 2014 what we’d signed ourselves up for and the journey over these last 6 years has been incredible to say the least. We’ve always tried to pioneer and excite people with our work - never to copy and never to be boring and we hope that people will share with us in remembering the good times and continue to support small businesses like ours in this ever challenging environment. 

Yes, we are both still good friends, and no we won’t be starting a ‘hot’ coffee company 🤪


“Sandows pioneered cold brew in the UK”
“Sandows are at the vanguard of the cold brew craze”
“The king of cold brew coffees”
"London's favourite cold brew brand"


Launched in 2014, Sandows came from, quite literally, lowly beginnings: a basement in north London. It was here that baristas Hugh Duffie and Luke Suddards first turned their idea for ready-to-drink cold brew coffee into the brand that Sandows is today. Fast-forward 5 years, Hugh and Luke work above ground, and our cold brew can be found in premium retailers, cafés, restaurants and bars across the UK.

The one with the blue cross

We've always aimed to embody what it means to be distinctively British whilst avoiding the clichéd Cool Brittania image. Sandows is named after Eugen Sandow, the iconic Victorian bodybuilder. Our crossed olde-time barbells look great on labels ("the one with the blue cross!") and are the perfect metaphor to describe the time and effort we put into making delicious cold brew coffee.


Just speciality grade, in-season coffees, gently extracted overnight for a mellow and chocolatey flavour. 

Caffeine rich

More caffeine per millilitre than most energy drinks, without all the dodgy stuff. 



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