Selfridges: From Instagram Picture to Fridge Breakthrough

Selfridges: From Instagram Picture to Fridge Breakthrough

We had a couple of lucky breaks early on with tremendous press and some great listings, not least being picked up by world renowned luxury retailer Selfridges. 

When we launched in April 2014, we distributed an edition of 100 sample boxes to people we'd met through our time working in coffee, some we hoped could be potential stockists, and waited patiently for feedback. An incredible number of those boxes appeared in photos on Instagram and Twitter, with plenty of people connected to the coffee world finding their feeds crammed with Sandows content. Two such coffee fans were brothers Edd Kimber of Great British Bake Off fame and Simon Kimber, a talented photographer who works closely with Edd styling and shooting food. 

Little did we know, the Kimber brothers had become hooked on cold brew in New York and were excited to find a local version. In only our third week, Simon took a photo of a Sandows which was posted on Edd's Instagram (@theboywhobakes) and seen by the Bakery & Dairy buyer at Selfridges. 15 mins after the photo was posted we had a mysterious email from 'Leah' and when we checked the sender and saw "" we were as shocked as we were excited. We made our way down for a meeting with Leah the next day and were soon the very first UK cold brew on shelves using makeshift barcode labels that Selfridges posted to us each week. We're a bit slicker now, but Selfridges remains an important part of our development. You can find us in the main drinks fridge in the Food Hall. 

Photo credits: Simon Kimber (@simoneats), Kate Beard (@sbinlondon)


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