Common Grounds: Black Lines

Common Grounds: Black Lines

Recently refreshed with a whole new look, Black Lines (formerly Hingston & Co) are rethinking cocktails, pushing boundaries, and bringing delicious, innovative drinks on-tap. We caught up with co-founder Kuleen Khimasia to find out where they started, what makes their drinks special and what to keep an eye out for in the new year. 

Let’s take it back to the start…

While working as Group Bar Manager at Soho House in 2013, Black Lines co-founder Casey Sorenson started exploring the possibilities of bringing cocktails on-tap. In 2017, he founded the first phase of Black Lines, Hingston + co. At the same time, Kuleen was coming to the end of a street food business and looking into what the future of cocktails had to offer. Three months after meeting the pair partnered up and Black Lines was born. 

So why the name ‘Black Lines’? 

Inspired by Russian painter Kandinsky’s approach to art, Black Lines chose to name themselves after one of his most famous paintings. Boundary pushing, pioneering and different, Kandinsky’s work started a new era of art. Black Lines have followed his example to inspire their innovative take on cocktails, bringing great mixes to herald a new era of drinking. 

Black Lines like to stay true to their namesake and this year went the extra mile and commissioned nine young artists to turn their drinks into artwork. Armed with a brief to interpret Black Lines drinks from their taste, character, appearance, ingredients and history, the nine artists drew on their different references and techniques to create distinctive and beautiful ways to talk about each of the cocktails in the range.

Enough information, time for drinks.

It can take up to 6 months for Black Lines to develop each of their drinks. They’re dedicated to creating pre-batched cocktails that not only reduce waste, are consistently delicious, and allow for speedy service, but that also stand up to hand made versions. Working under the belief that cocktails don’t have to be restricted to a once-a-month treat, their drinks are carefully balanced, and crazy value. 

What should we order? 

Black Lines have nine cocktails up for grabs including classic Negronis and Mojitos, and more unique mixes like their super popular Strawberry Spritz and Pear & White Tea Fizz. Changing it up with the seasons, Black Lines keep all their cocktails at the same impressive standard with the help of their favourite distilleries. Working with independent businesses they reduce the packaging wastage in the transportation of their ingredients. Partners like Chase Distillery who make farm to bottle vodka, growing potatoes and distilling their own liquor, and The East London Liquor Company, the first whiskey, gin, and vodka distillery in East London in over 100 years make up the booze components in Black Lines drinks. Their juice comes from Pressed and Pour where fruit is juiced at 4 am, delivered at 7 am and in the drinks by 9am for minimum oxidation and the freshest flavour. 

Sounds good! Where can we get one?

Black Lines drinks are available in the Harrods Dining Halls, BOXPARK Shoreditch, and Temper Covent Garden to name a few. Keep your eyes peeled in the new year for a brand new product and maybe even an Espresso Martini or two made with Sandows Cold Brew Martini Mix!

You can find Black Lines on Instagram at @blacklinesdrinks

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