Odds on you haven’t heard of The Odds yet? No worries! This café is freshly launched and definitely one to check out. Homemade Kimchi, 50p filter coffee before 9am, and a humbling approach to vegan food – sounds good right?


By founders of Screams Ice Creams (@screamsicecreams), Alina and Shaun, The Odds kicked off in Peckham in June 2019. Committed to a plant-based menu, head there for sweet banana bread and a can of cold brew.


Chef John even gave us a tour of the kitchen. Previously at @wildflowerpeckham, John’s attitude to food is fresh, Asian inspired, and totally vegan. From kimchi to tofu, food is made in-house to the max. Plus, you’ll find specials on the menu which minimise on food waste - the bread and mushroom pâté made from leftover bread is a treat!


The vibe of the Odds is chilled and understated – when we went in Jill Scott was on repeat and some locals were dropping in to buy freshly baked bread from @thesnapery. Whilst you’re at The Odds, you can also pick up a banging variety of vegan cheeses and butters from their grocery section. Check out their Insta @theodds.peckham for a preview 👀.


Next time you’re in Peckham drop into The Odds for a cold brew and try their latest creations for us!

The Odds Playlist

Do you remember?- Jill Scott

Getting in the way - Jill Scott

A long walk - Jill Scot


The Odds is open Mon+Tues+Thurs+Fri (7am- 5pm); Sat + Sun (9am-5pm)

26 Choumert Road, London, SE15 4RE




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