How we make our cold brew coffee

How we make our cold brew coffee

Our cold brew is made from two things: coffee and water. Nothing more, nothing less. So how do we get it tasting like Sandows? The secrets in the brewing!

1. Finding the beans

We work with a variety of UK coffee roasters who each work directly with farmers to source our coffee. This close relationship between the farmers and the roasteries helps to incentivise quality, consistency and continual improvement. It also means that we can source the best coffee to make cold brew.

2. Roasting the coffee

Roasting is a bit like toast. If you've got your mind set on toast, you're looking to perfectly caramelise it. If it's not properly toasted then its just bread, and likewise, no one likes burnt toast. There's a similar sweet spot when you roast coffee. You want to find the perfect amount of roast-iness so you can still taste the coffee without overpowering it with the roast. We look for a medium roast which brings out a wide range of flavour notes and both champions the origin of the coffee and tastes great cold. Once we've decided what's working well the roastery roasts the coffee to our spec, grinds it, and sends it to us so that the brewing can begin! 

3. Brewing the cold brew

When the coffee gets to us we put it into tanks with specially filtered water which allows for the best extraction. Then we let the coffee and the water do the work, steeping it at just below room temperature for between sixteen to twenty hours.

 4. Filtering + packing

After the cold brew is made, it's filtered and filled straight into the bag-in-boxes or in the case of flasks and concentrates, bottled and then lightly heat treated, ready to go to you!



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