Sandows Espresso Martini Mix

Sandows Espresso Martini Mix
At Sandows, we’ve “hacked” espresso and made a high performing cold brew concentrate alternative that is a seamless substitute for espresso in Espresso Martinis. Perfect for bar and home use, our cold brew concentrate allows you to make Espresso Martinis without an espresso machine. Sounds good right?

But how does it work? 

When you make espresso the hot water and pressure applied draw out oils from within the coffee. This makes the espresso an emulsion which means it can foam - think of it as the tasty side of science. It's the espresso which creates the beautiful foam in an espresso martini.
We make cold brew at a much bigger scale than the 30ml’s per minute you can get with an espresso machine. In collaboration with bartenders, we’ve developed an all-natural, plant-based recipe to turn our cold brew into an Espresso Martini Mix that mimics the oily effect of espresso, even though our process doesn’t really extract any. This means you can use our Espresso Martini Mix in the place of espresso and still get a beautiful crema and with the same intense flavour. 

What does that mean for you?

When everything is ready to go behind the bar, it should mean faster service and more consistency in the flavour of the drinks you’re being served. Plus, no more disappointment when you can’t get one more round because the bar team has cleaned the coffee the machine for the night. 

Check out our Espresso Martini recipe here! 

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