Sandows Flask Flip : 10 ways to reuse our classic flasks

Sandows Flask Flip : 10 ways to reuse our classic flasks

We’re super proud at Sandows about reducing the plastic in our packaging. That being said, there’s nothing better than reusing and repurposing so we’ve come up with a few suggestions on how to reuse our classic flask.

1. Fill it up from your bag-in-box!

2. Put a candle in it - very chic, very French.

3. Get sudsy - get a little pump and fill 'er up with soap.

4. Store simple syrup leftover from the espresso martini(s) you made with our espresso martini mix and shared with your BFF.

5. Fill it with vodka! And something else if you fancy, we suggest fruit and sugar (students prefer skittles). Then relax and let the bottle do the work.

6.Storage jars: our flasks look great filled with sweets on a desk or seeds if you're feeling healthy. 

7. Propagate a plant - think interior inspo, just greener. 

8. Put a message in a bottle and hope for the best.

9. Make a coffee bottle flute- the only thing to play the coffee bean mating call on. 

10. Use it as a pot for a singular pen (we never said they’d all be good suggestions).

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