Why the name Sandows?

Why the name Sandows?

Sandows is named after Eugen Sandow, the iconic Victorian bodybuilder. At a time when being a strongman was a circus act all about brawn, Sandow was the first to focus on strength over size, carefully curating his exercises to achieve a perfectly proportioned form. 

Iced coffee has been made the same way without question for too long. The bitter flavour of espresso is usually covered up with milk + sugar. The cold brew method draws out the smoothest parts of the coffee and leaves the bitterness behind. 

We are called Sandows as a homage to Eugen Sandows' fresh thinking that challenged an established idea. Our crossed olde-time barbells look great on labels ("the one with the blue cross!") and are the perfect metaphor to describe the time and effort we put into making delicious cold brew coffee



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