Spice Cold Brew Soda - 12 Pack


Spice Cold Brew Soda - 12 Pack
Spice Cold Brew Soda - 12 Pack Spice Cold Brew Soda - 12 Pack Spice Cold Brew Soda - 12 Pack

"Like melted down cola bottle sweets", "a mix of Christmas and masala chai", "a modern day Irn Bru" - just a selection of the feedback we've had so far on this distinctive coffee soda. 

Spice Cold Brew Soda is a punchy blend of Sandows cold brew coffee featuring ginger, orange blossom, black spice, mandarin and sweetened with unrefined golden cane sugar (3%). This is a low-sugar pick-me-up for the afternoon slump with a natural caffeine lift. 

We developed these drinks to address what we felt was an unsustainable wall of liquid sugar and artificial sweeteners in most to-go fridges. The most popular carbonated soft drinks are caffeinated sodas so we thought "why not bring the caffeine from coffee and find interesting and unexpected flavours?" Slightly sweetened with real cane sugar in low quantities, just enough to balance the coffee, our sodas have a distinctly adult flavour, totally different from anything else out there. 

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Customer Reviews

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Unique, delicious taste

I'm a coffee snob but this is very good!

Highly recommend!

I recommend this for anyone who likes Dr. Pepper or Irn Bru.

Very nice

Glad I tried it - definitely a pleasant fizzy drink to have once in a while.

Spice up your life

Cold brew with a little something extra. Great idea for a flavour combo the spices go really well with the slightly sweet coffee flavour and create a really delicious result. Who needs coca-cola for a pick me up when you've got Sandows, add your favourite whiskey for after hours refreshment. Will definitely be ordering more!

Old Fashioned cocktails meets cold brew flavours

This is my favourite of the cold brew sodas - it tastes like a cross between an Old Fashioned cocktail and cold brew, and is great for the afternoon when I just want a little caffeine boost. Also so perfect for this sunny weather!