Original Cold Brew Coffee - 10L Bag-in-Box


Original Cold Brew Coffee - 10L Bag-in-Box
Original Cold Brew Coffee - 10L Bag-in-Box Original Cold Brew Coffee - 10L Bag-in-Box

The big kahuna. 10 litres of our original cold brew coffee in a bag-in-box, designed to sit in your fridge with an easy-pour tap. The most economical format we offer, this is some of the best value cold brew on the market. This is for you if your office needs to up the coffee game or if you find yourself washing out the cafetière three times to make enough coffee for brunch with housemates. Once you go 'on-tap' you'll never go back. 

Sandows cold brew coffee is made with speciality grade coffee, gently brewed overnight for a less bitter and noticeably smoother flavour. Delicious, caffeine-rich coffee with low calorie, sugar-free and dairy-free credentials. Most find the flavour agreeable without milk but it can be made even more indulgent with a little splash.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Perfect cup of iced coffee

This is the only coffee I drink now... always have in refrigerator, low acidity, on special diet and it does not bother my stomach. Put a little oat milk in it to make it even milder.

Not as pricey as it may seem

Definitely worth the money if you have a family of coffee drinkers!

Delicious and great value

My flatmates and I split the cost four ways.... and get through the box at a rate some might consider alarming 😂

Great Idea

Love the product! Fantastic taste as always. Strong and does the job, perfect wake up call in the mornings. Fridge pack is a great idea, wish it was a little smaller as I had to empty some of my fridge to fit it in.

Thanks Rich! Really pleased you like the product and it's getting you through the mornings :) Great shout on the size - we're just weeks away from releasing a smaller format so we'll let you know when it lands. Cheers, team Sandows