About Us

Co-founders Luke and Hugh developed a taste for the mellow flavour of cold brew while working at a busy café in central London. At the time cold brew was catching on wildly in the US, quickly progressing from just another coffee option to a way of life with people opting for smooth, punchy cold brew even in knee-deep snow! After watching from afar via social media the pair were inspired to launch something in London and came up with the idea for Sandows, the UK’s first cold brew coffee brand. 

Starting out in 2014 by swapping cold brew for the rent in an Islington café's basement, today we produce our wares on the South Coast and are based in Bethnal Green in Hackney. We're very proud to be part of a thriving community of food and beverage challengers from east London. 

We've always aimed to embody what it means to be distinctively British whilst avoiding the clichéd Cool Britannia image. Sandows is named after Eugen Sandow, the iconic Victorian bodybuilder. Our crossed olde-time barbells look great on labels ("the one with the blue cross!") and are the perfect metaphor to describe the time and effort we put into making delicious cold brew coffee. 

Sandows coffee tastes extra smooth and has plenty of caffeine because of our overnight cold brew process. The range includes unsweetened ready-to-drink cold brew, an Espresso Martini mix in formats for commercial and home bartenders, plus our take on the future caffeinated soda, ditching high sugar contents and artificial sweeteners for a refreshing, natural buzz. 

We’re proud to fly the flag for great cold brew in the UK, supplying independent cafés, restaurants and bars, all the luxury retailers and some national grocery retail too. If you like our drinks we'd love to hear from you! 

The Sandows basement at Vagabond N7, 105 Holloway Road

Outside our first 'Cold Brewery' in Hackney Wick, east London in 2015

Hugh, Laura + Luke in our Netil House office, late 2017

First batch of cans, 2018