Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24


Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24
Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24 Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24 Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24 Citrus Cold Brew Soda - Case of 24

A whole case of zingy coffee sodas. You'll find yourself reaching for them from the fridge! 

Citrus Cold Brew Soda is a refreshing, sparkling mix of Sandows cold brew coffee featuring lemon, lime and grapefruit. Sweetened with unrefined golden cane sugar (3%) this is a low-sugar pick-me-up for the afternoon slump with a natural caffeine lift. 

We developed these drinks to address what we felt was an unsustainable wall of liquid sugar and artificial sweeteners in most to-go fridges. The most popular carbonated soft drinks are caffeinated sodas so we thought "why not bring the caffeine from coffee and find interesting and unexpected flavours?" Slightly sweetened with real cane sugar in low quantities, just enough to balance the coffee, our sodas have a distinctly adult flavour, totally different from anything else out there. 

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Also, pro-tip, they're amazing in the shower as a hangover cure. Don't ask how we know.

Customer Reviews

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Nice Taste

Not sure what I was expecting but this pretty good! I still prefer the straight black cold brew for every day but this is a nice option for those moments when you need something sweet and bubbly.

Citrus cold brew - a refreshing pick me up

Make's a great alternative from other fizzy drinks, and the citrus flavour is fantastic. Very refreshing, I'm a bit of an addict for this one


Weirdly good!

Amazing. Where you never thought coffee would be...

Something I would never have imagined; coffee + soda, but my goodness is it delicious & refreshing! I'm such a fan! People have to try this.


Refreshing and light but with a coffee kick. It’s coffee but the format is fun. You don’t always want a regular coffee and this feels much more wholesome than an energy drink.